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Download the latest AMT4SentinelFRM brochure to see the extensive range of reference measurements taken on board AMT26 to validate Copernicus Sentinel data.

Download the AMT4SentinelFRM brochure to see how Copernicus Sentinel satellite data is validated using measurements taken during the Atlantic Meridional Transect cruise, on board the British Antarctic Survey ship, RRS James Clark Ross.


Robert J.W. Brewin, Giorgio Dall'Olmo, Silvia Pardo, Virginie van Dongen-Vogels, Emmanuel S. Boss, Underway spectrophotometry along the Atlantic Meridional Transect reveals high performance in satellite chlorophyll retrievals, Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 183, 15 September 2016, Pages 82-97, ISSN 0034-4257,

Project logo

The AMT4SentinelFRM project logo can be downloaded below. Three versions are available and are all 1000px wide and in PNG format with transparent backgrounds.
If you require the logo in a larger size or in a different format please contact us.

AMT4SentinelFRM logo in blue

AMT4Sentinel logo in white and grey