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Collaborating with AMT.
Funded by the EU and ESA
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This project has now evolved in to the AMT4OceanSatFlux project, for further details see the new website here


  1. In collaboration with appropriate International Scientists and Agencies, design and plan a field campaign extension to the existing AMT 2016 experiment dedicated to the validation of S2A-MSI and S3A-OLCI, S3A-SLSTR and relevant Copernicus contributing mission products.
  2. Document all measurement procedures, processing methods, uncertainty budgets and demonstrate the FRM status for each measurement to be collected by AMT and used for validation activities during AMT4Sentinel.
  3. Prepare AMT4Sentinel FRM instrumentation for deployment (ie. Pre deployment calibrations, mounting brackets, installation etc.).
  4. Execute the AMT4Sentinel campaigns in 2016.
  5. Process and quality control3 all campaign data following documented FRM procedures to approve their use for satellite validation.
  6. Validate S3A OLCI, S3A SLSTR and S2A MSI and other Copernicus Contributing Mission data products using AMT4Sentinel FRM data.
  7. Deliver approved AMT4Sentinel data sets to ESA and the S2A and S3A Mission Performance Centres.
  8. Prepare and submit peer-reviewed journal articles.
  9. Develop communications and outreach material promoting Copernicus Sentinel satellites and the AMT4Sentinel activities


Below is a list of deliverables to be produced by the project, for a copy of any of the deliverables please email

  • D-20 / WP100
    2016 AMT4SentinelFRM Project Brochure in PDF format.
    Participants involved: Dawn Ashby
  • D-140 / WP600
    A full copy of all processed AMT-2016 cruise data used for validation activities
    Participants involved: Bob Brewin
  • D-150 / WP600
    A full copy of all satellite data used for validation activities as part of the AMT-2016 cruise
    Participants involved: Bob Brewin
  • D-110 / WP400
    AMT4SentinelFRM 2016 cruise data inventory of all data included in RAWDAT.
    Participants involved: Gavin Tilstone
  • D-90 / WP400
    AMT4SentinelFRM 2016 Cruise Report
    Participants involved: Gavin Tilstone
  • D-130 / WP600
    AMT4SentinelFRM 2016 data description and user manual
    Participants involved: Gavin Tilstone
  • D-60 / WP200
    AMT4SentinelFRM Actions and Risk Log
    Participants involved: Gavin Tilstone
  • D-50 / WP200
    AMT4SentinelFRM Campaign Implementation Plan (CIP)
    Participants involved: Gavin Tilstone
  • D-220 / WP800
    AMT4SentinelFRM Executive monthly progress report and actions database
    Participants involved: Jenny Lockett
  • D-200 / WP700
    AMT4SentinelFRM Final Report
    Participants involved: Jenny Lockett
  • D-170 / WP700
    AMT4SentinelFRM final workshop
    Participants involved: Christina Devereux, Jenny Lockett
  • D-190 / WP700
    AMT4SentinelFRM Scientific Roadmap
    Participants involved: Gavin Tilstone
  • D-210 / WP700
    AMT4SentinelFRM Technical Data Package
    Participants involved: Gavin Tilstone
  • D-10 / WP100
    AMT4SentinelFRM web portal to be operated and updated for the duration of the Contract
    Participants involved: Dawn Ashby, Helen Murray, Jon White
  • D-180 / WP700
    AMT4SentinelFRM workshop proceedings (this may take the form of a journal special issue).
    Participants involved: Gavin Tilstone
  • D-230 / WP800
    Contract Closure Summary
    Participants involved: Jenny Lockett
  • D-100 / WP400
    Copy of all raw unprocessed data collected during the AMT4SentinelFRM 2016 cruise that will be used for subsequent validation activities.
    Participants involved: Gavin Tilstone
  • D-30 / WP100
    High quality graphics (FIG) that can be used by the AMT4SentinelFRM project and ESA to promote the outcomes of the project throughout the project.
    Participants involved: Dawn Ashby
  • D-80 / WP300
    Minutes of meeting and presentations from AMT 2016 Cruise Readiness Review meeting
    Participants involved: Gavin Tilstone
  • D-160 / WP600
    Submit three journal papers based on the 2016 AMT cruise.
    Participants involved: Bob Brewin
  • D-70 / WP300
    Technical handbook(s) of AMT4SentinelFRM FRM instrumentation
    Participants involved: Gavin Tilstone
  • D-120 / WP500
    Validation report for AMT-2016 that may be written in the form of a peer-reviewed journal article.
    Participants involved: Jenny Lockett
  • D-40 / WP100
    Web stories for the AMT4SentinelFRM web site describing the interesting and innovative activities of the AMT4SentinelFRM project
    Participants involved: Dawn Ashby, Helen Murray